•  Accurate inventory management of lab chemicals, standards, solutions, other disposables, at real time. 

  • Warnings by e-mail (e.g. critical stock, expiration dates). 

  • Prebuilt and customizable reports-exportable in Excel, pdf and other formats.

  • Indicators, data analysis.

  • Breakdown an inventory item by flexible attributes

  • Information and data traceability of manufacturers and suppliers.


  • Tracking of every container- barcode labelling .

  • Entry date, quantity, location and date of expiration - real time available information.

  • Change control workflow.

  • Definition of expiration dates depending on the opening date.

  • Documented information management (e.g. CoA, etc.).

  • Grant access and permissions by roles.

  • Audit Trail for all entities of the system (date, type of modification, responsible for the change).

  • Protected, secure, traceable and auditable information. Complies with Good Manufacturing Practices  (cGMP), Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and Food and Drug Administration guides of the United States of America (FDA)-21 CFR Part 11. 


  • Globally Harmonized System (GHS), hazard definition, warning statements and pictograms.  Labelling.

  • Summary of physicochemical properties. 

  • Searching inventory by hazards.

  • Classification by storage groups- manage chemical incompatibility. 

  • Centralized Safety Data Sheet management- download and printing. 

  • Waste management improvements (minimizing expiration and over stock).

  • Direct access to pre-defined Web pages.


  • 100% web based, easy to use. Intuitive approach.

  • Unlimited number of users.

  • Multi-language interface.

  • Highly flexible for information retrieval.

  • Easy to work with and keep updated.

  • Barcode scanning.

  • Tablet ready.

  • Unlimited inventory items.


  • On premise (internally hosted).

  • Saas Cloud (software as a service, cloud based).



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