Inventory management in real time to avoid lack of stock, over stock, expiration.

Information management: in a simple and protected way- data for the decision-making process.


Assures items traceability and the documented information related to their management. 
Risk free information management: protected, secure, traceable, auditable.

Facilitates compliance with legal requirements and good laboratory practices (GLP).


Safe chemical storage to prevent incidents.

Contributes to sustainable management, minimizing purchases and waste.


Simplifies the inventory management process (chemicals and others) in the Quality Control Lab.




  •  Accurate inventory management of lab chemicals, standards, solutions, other disposables, at real time. 

  • Warnings by e-mail (e.g. critical stock, expiration dates). 

  • Prebuilt and customizable reports-exportable in Excel, pdf and other formats.

  • Indicators, data analysis.

  • Breakdown an inventory item by flexible attributes

  • Information and data traceability of manufacturers and suppliers.


  • Tracking of every container- barcode labelling .

  • Entry date, quantity, location and date of expiration - real time available information.

  • Change control workflow.

  • Definition of expiration dates depending on the opening date.

  • Documented information management (e.g. CoA, etc.).

  • Chromatography columns: inventory administration and performance

  • Grant access and permissions by roles.

  • Audit Trail for all entities of the system (date, type of modification, responsible for the change).

  • Protected, secure, traceable and auditable information. Complies with Good Manufacturing Practices  (cGMP), Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and Food and Drug Administration guides of the United States of America (FDA)-21 CFR Part 11. 


  • Globally Harmonized System (GHS), hazard definition, warning statements and pictograms.  Labelling.

  • Summary of physicochemical properties. 

  • Searching inventory by hazards.

  • Classification by storage groups- manage chemical incompatibility. 

  • Centralized Safety Data Sheet management- download and printing. 

  • Waste management improvements (minimizing expiration and over stock).

  • Direct access to pre-defined Web pages.


  • 100% web based, easy to use. Intuitive approach.

  • Unlimited number of users.

  • Multi-language interface.

  • Highly flexible for information retrieval.

  • Easy to work with and keep updated.

  • Barcode scanning.

  • Tablet ready.

  • Unlimited inventory items.


  • On premise (internally hosted).

  • Saas Cloud (software as a service, cloud based).



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